Breathe Again Radio Show Podcast

Dreams Recycled After Divorce with Tiffany Beverlin

August 19, 2019

This too shall pass. The pain will pass.The tears will pass. You can begin again and "breathe again" after a breakup,beatrayal or a divorce...Just ask Tiffany Beverlin.

Tiffany Beverlin was much like any other divorcee after her divorce, a single parent to three young children, deemed unemployable after so many years as a stay at home mother. Being a female entrepreneur or women in business was the last thing she ever thought she was capable of. Tiffany started her company after her divorce to help others going through a divorce. Dreams Recycled has grown into a community of like-minded divorces, a rich resource or information, blogs and secondary services and a marketplace to sell those items that hold no use after divorce. She said her story is the quintessential story of taking divorce lemons and recycling them into lemonade for millions of other divorcees.

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