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Mother and Father Passed Away - Who Will Raise the Kids ?

February 20, 2019

Everyone is Necessary" - That's the motto of Donna Janel.

Donna overcame a traumatic life, including going in and out of foster care, sleeping in parks and train stations all throughout high school, being married at 19, giving birth to a medically challenged son and  then being left by her husband; with 2 kids to raise alone. Three years later, Donna would find herself devastated by the death of her sister/best friend, just 24 months after the death of her sister’s husband. Donna was faced with raising her sister’s two daughters who were traumatized by the back-to-back deaths of their parents.

" How can I raise broken children, when I'm broken myself" - Donna Janel

Lisen as she shares her journey of overcoming many obstacles, but in the end, coming out with the victory.


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